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On-line Well Registration Definitions Page

Well Any excavation that is cored, bored, drilled, jetted, dug or otherwise constructed for the purpose of locating, testing, developing, draining or recharging any groundwater reservoirs or aquifer, or that may control, divert, or otherwise cause the movement of water from or into any aquifer including any and all materials installed to facilitate these actions.
Well Head The upper terminus of a well including adapters, ports, valves, seals and/or other attachments.
Yield The amount of water or other fluid that can be extracted from a well under a given set of conditions.

Well Types:
Private Water Supply Well A well that serves fewer than 15 connections or less than 25 year round residents
Public Water Supply Well A well that serves 15 or more connections or more than 25 people
Monitoring Well Any well constructed for the primary purpose of obtaining samples of groundwater or other liquids for examination or testing, or for the observation or measurement of groundwater levels.

Public Well Types:
Community Well a well that serves 15 or more connections or at least 25 year round residents
Transient Non-community Well A water supply well that provides potable water to a system with less than 15 connections or less than 25 people and provides water to the same population for less than 6 months out of the year.
Non-transient Non-community Well a well that regularly serves at least 25 of the same persons over 6 months per year.

Well Usage Types:
Drinking water (potable) An excavation that is cored, bored, drilled, jetted, dug or otherwise constructed for the purpose of withdrawing groundwater of such quality that it is suitable for human consumption.
Irrigation An excavation that is cored, bored, drilled, jetted, dug or otherwise constructed for the purpose of withdrawing groundwater to be used for agricultural purposes both commercial and residential and will not be used as a potable supply

Well Registrant Types:
Homeowner A person who has the legal title to the home.
Well Owner Any person who holds the fee or other property rights in the well being constructed. A well real property and its construction on land shall be deemed to vest ownership in the land owner, for purposes of this Section and statutes governing groundwater, in the absence of contrary agreement in writing.
Representative A person qualified to serve as an authorized official delegate or agent.
Consultant A person who gives expert or professional advice.
Tenant A person who temporarily holds or occupies land, a building, or other property owned by another.
Well driller A person who has satisfactorily met the requirements of the commission relating to well contractor activities referenced in 15A NCAC 27 .00100-.0900.
Legal agent of property owner A person who acts for or as the representative for one who has the legal title to the property.

Property Use:
Single-family Dwelling A structure designed for use by one family for living, eating and sleeping.
Multi-family Dwelling Three or more units under the same roof.
Business An occupancy classification which includes the use of a building or structure, or a portion thereof, for office, professional or service-type transactions, including storage of records and accounts. Business occupancies shall include, but not limited to, the following: airport traffic control towers, animal hospitals, kennels and pounds, banks, barber and beauty shops, car wash, civic administration, clinic-outpatient, dry cleaning and laundries (pick-up and delivery stations and self-service), educational occupancies above the 12th grade, electronic data processing, fire and police stations, laboratories (testing and research), motor vehicle showrooms post offices, print shops, professional services (architects, attorneys, dentists, physicians, engineers, etc.), radio and television stations, telephone exchanges.

Well Status:
Active An active a well must be in use for its intended purpose in a current and ongoing fashion.
Inactive  An inactive well is no longer used for its intended purpose, but has not been offically abandoned.
Temporarily Abandoned “Temporarily abandoned well” means any usable well whose use has been temporarily discontinued because of well or pump maintenance problems and newly constructed wells not yet put into service.
Permanently Abandoned “Permanently abandoned well” means any well removed from or not yet put into service; or whose use is impracticable because of faulty construction, location, water quality, insufficient yield, unserviceable casing or screen; or which has been removed from service because it no longer serves its intended use.

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